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Globalization is a complex undertaking. That is why you need a partner who understands your needs and is committed to delivering high quality products and services.


Localization is an effective way to widen the market and reach more users.

With the growing challenges of entering global markets, localization is a vital part of a company’s global strategy. Users now prefer to view content relevant to their market, from corporate literature to product specifications online, and in their language.


Voices represent various levels of individual expression.
The best example of an extreme localization – indeed, a dubbing localization – which actually proved to be extremely popular and in-demand.Impress your gamer with incredible Voices.


Even with the highest quality of translation and dubbing, no localized build is perfect without proper Localization Quality Assurance. Only an in-depth testing phase will yield a polished and bug free title before submission or release.
This means a culturally appropriate game and the elimination of any text or audio related issues.Your payback will be increased sales, happy users, and good reviews.

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We are NOT Merely Translate, But Achieving Facsimile of Culture.

By recreating the spirit of the product and letting the language build an entire world for individuals and communities across the globe, we help you score points with every user.

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Game localization builds credibility worldwide: Higher rankings, more downloads, and increased sales are the pros.


Local users will demand local-

language versions of the software or computer interface.


Localizing your website is a low hanging fruit. With Localization, you can increase your ROI without spending a dime on a new marketing campaign.



We offers documentation translation to companies that require high quality, fast turnaround, and cost efficiency.

Every project is unique and it’s our job to do justice to the original.

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Make Your Game an Epic Like None Other

Game dubbing is a post-production process used in video game production in which additional or supplementary recordings are “mixed” with original production sound to create the finished soundtrack.

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Character Voice

Form NPC dialogue to story script, every detail counts!  People are becoming more and more particular when it comes to choosing a voice talent, on the ground that they will be drifting away by the dissatisfactory sound effect.​

Game Dubbing

Gamers are Becoming More Selective in Game Voices​. Having fun while producing quality voices to entertain your end users, we are looking forward to making your project a success!​​

Game Music

The scene and the story may be forgotten over time. However the familiar melody remains a valued memory. It has become as important as graphics and game play in building pace and excitement.

It is Yee Tran’s Ultimate Goal to Make Your Title Shine!

Localization QA

That’s What the Players Demand and Deserve

This means a culturally appropriate game and the elimination of any text or audio related issues.


Linguistic testing

Accuracy of translation within context – Some words/sentences may need to be translated differently depending on their usage.


Cosmetic testing

Consistency with the source – Is everything laid out properly? Is there any truncated text? Misplaced line breaks?


Functional testing

Do the forms allow target language characters to be input? Are the error messages localized properly? What about the postal code?

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