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We are always there for you and support you on the way of globalization. Our service includes localization, dubbing, LQA and more.

Yee Tran delivers multilingual language services for the world’s brand leaders and help you getting into international market.

Yee Tran  devote ourselves to provide the optimal language service to our clients, including localization, dubbing and localization QA. Yee Tran’s customers fit a multitude of profiles, ranging from local businesses to tech start-ups, games developers, e-commerce giants and conglomerates.

We provide profession language and cultural services. No more need of worrying about culture barriers, just simply focus on the product itself so as to increase the performance and user confidence. Satisfaction and ROI enhancement are just around the corner.

No matter size and content type,  “Serves attentively and Quality Delicated” is our idea. ​​We work with only the highest quality professional language talents from around the globe. We are very selective, choosing only a very small fraction of applicants to join the team of professional linguists and translators.

Most of our translators have multiple years of professional experience translating into their native language (mother tongue).

Quality is the first priority of our language service, only with the most rigorous attitude can we deliver the most sophisticated product and provide the best service to every client. We are always there for you and located in your satisfaction. Let’s go together and reach out to the world, shall we?​

> Localization

We are not merely translate, but achieving facsimile of culture.
By recreating the spirit of the product and letting the language build an entire world for individuals and communities across the globe, we help you score points with every user.

  •    Game Localization
  •    Software Localization
  •    Website Localization
  •    Document Translation



> Localization QA
Even with the highest quality of translation and dubbing, no localized build is perfect without proper Localization Quality Assurance. Only an in-depth testing phase will yield a polished and bug free title before submission or release.
Our checking list includes:

  •   Linguistic testing
  •   Cosmetic testing
  •   Functional testing

> Dubbing

Game dubbing is a post-production process used in video game production in which additional or supplementary recordings are “mixed” with original production sound to create the finished soundtrack.

Form NPC dialogue to story script, every detail counts! People are becoming more and more particular when it comes to choosing a voice talent, on the ground that they will be drifting away by the dissatisfactory sound effect.

  •    Game Dubbing
  •    Game Music Production
  •    Game Character Voice

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