Game Music Production

Gone are The Days When Video Game Music Was a Simple Synthesizer Melody​.

It has become as important as graphics and game play in building pace and excitement.
Perhaps the game music is not the first thing people will mention when bringing up a game,But it is an absolutely necessary part of it.
The scene and the story may be forgotten over time.

However the familiar melody remains a valued memory.

Every project is unique and it’s our job to do justice to the original.

Let Yee Tran Bring Your Project to Life!

Further the explosion of mobile, social and other independent games have created a growing need for video game composers and video game sound designers who know how to implement interactive music and sound into games.

With a special focus on original game background music, we also including specific game sound.


Down to The Smallest Detail

We see dubbing as the art of transforming one original into a new original. Translating and localizing everything, down to the smallest detail, into a new language is a difficult task that we take very seriously. We respect the great effort, creativity and passion that was put into creating the original, and we feel proud to be asked to localize any project, large or small.

Awesome Music

With the continued growth of the games industry, great video game music is adaptive to what is going on in the game. Music that is dynamic and changes with the intensity or story line of the game is really awesome.

Various Choices For You

With a special focus on game dubbing, we also including video on demand, advertising, corporate productions, new media, e-learning and audio guides.

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Music is an Infinite Sea of Possibilities 

Not the World of Music Can Only be Pale, Dull World.

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