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Even with the highest quality of translation and dubbing, no localized build is perfect without proper Localization Quality Assurance. Only an in-depth testing phase will yield a polished and bug free title before submission or release.

It is Yee Tran’s Ultimate Goal to Make Your Title Shine!

All of our testers are trained terminology specialists, native speakers and gaming enthusiasts.

Depending on the project, they will receive additional training from the Quality Assurance Lead and the Quality Assurance Manager.

Testers will enter bug reports following our own strict format or the format you prefer for your project.

Our Format Included

Linguistic testing


Accuracy of translation within context – Some words/sentences may need to be translated differently depending on their usage.

Consistency of terminology – “Reward” or “Prize”? While these two words are quite similar, they can confuse a user if they are used inconsistently.

Missing content – Engineers who build a localized product most likely won’t speak the target language. If they miss part of the text, they’ll never know it until someone who can understand the language notices. Testers make sure that this “someone” isn’t the end user!

Proper date/calendar format – Does the day or the month go first? What is the first day on the calendar? These may differ between countries.


Cosmetic testing


Consistency with the source – Is everything laid out properly? Is there any truncated text? Misplaced line breaks?

Images – Are the images localized properly? Culturally appropriate? 

Proper character display – It’s not uncommon to see corrupted characters in localized products. Typically, they’re displayed in the shape of empty boxes or question marks, but in some languages, such as Arabic and Vietnamese, it’s almost impossible to detect corrupted letters if you don’t speak the language.  

Functional testing


Links – Do the links within the localized content point to correct pages?

Behavior – Is the application behaving as it is supposed to?

Input/output validation – Do the forms allow target language characters to be input? Are the error messages localized properly? What about the postal code?

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