General Translation

Language Translation is a Broad and Profound Art​.

You Can Never Translate ‘Words’, You Translate ‘Ideas’.​

Yee Tran offers documentation translation to companies that require:

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We translate any document, no matter the format, into 50+ languages with the highest caliber of in-country translators who are vetted in a wide variety of subject matters.

A good piece of translation should be an embodiment of the combined principles of “fidelity, fluency and elegance”. It is not merely a conversion of language but of culture as well. Therefore, we are always meticulous in translating the text with a natural feel rather than literally, or word for word.

High Quality Translation



We offer document Translation Services: Handbooks, Press Releases, Surveys, Marketing Brochures & Catalogs, White Papers, Datasheets, PowerPoint Presentations, and more

Local Translators

We offer a quick and easy solution for the translation of different types of products by matching your translation request with the perfect translator for each job. Many of these translators are experts from different fields of professions and would be able to produce the most professional translations that can captivate your products.


Existing Materials

Varieties of game terms in our data base can help to increase efficiency of your localization. Different types are included: basic game terms, poker terms, otaku terms, Chinese classic terms, etc. All these information is shared the implementation.


Quality Monitoring

We have technical mechanism to control your project quality, including TM monitoring, terms matching, UI management, text length control, product testing, etc. Our goal is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the end user by paying heed to their specific cultural context as well as to stay out of inconsistency and UI exceeding.

Exclusive Management

Your project is well managed by our quality control mechanism and your exclusive project manager. No more worries about the messy details, nor the annoying back and forth arrangement, we ensure your game is delivered on schedule to your target market, with the added benefits of cultural sensitivity and flawless representation of key game expressions and ideas.

Cost Effective

By understanding your need and expectation, we customize the plan to your project with our standard service process, which will lead to significant reduction in effort and time spent. By analyzing and arranging your file with technical system, human errors and cost reduce, thereby increasing the quality of the product.

Data Secrecy

Your privacy is important to us. We use technological and organisational security features to secure any product data.

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