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Your Customers Need to be Able to Use Your Software Easily.

Feel Native



Your customers need to be able to use your software easily. It should look and feel native. It needs to accommodate their local holidays, date formats, time formats, and so on. It should also reflect the customer. For example, an image of a Caucasian family might not be appropriate for a home page image for a website in China.

Need a Local Version !



Whether in desktop applications, large-scale enterprise software, software embedded in sophisticated consumer electronics devices or a medical device system , local users will demand local-language versions of the software or computer interface.  

This process is labour-intensive and often requires

a significant amount of time from the development teams.

High Quality Software Localization

 We provide a full range of localization and internationalization services for software applications for 50+ languages. By bringing together the qualified linguistic talent as well as project managers and engineering capabilities, we provide the right combination of expert software localization services needed for success in any market.

Local Translators

All of our translators are native speakers and very knowledgeable in localization. Many of these translators are experts in technical/IT field and would be able to produce the most professional translations that can captivate your products.


Existing Materials

Varieties of game terms in our data base can help to increase efficiency of your localization. Different types are included: basic game terms, poker terms, otaku terms, Chinese classic terms, etc. All these information is shared the implementation.


Quality Monitoring

We have technical mechanism to control your project quality, including TM monitoring, terms matching, UI management, text length control, product testing, etc. Our goal is to create an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the end user by paying heed to their specific cultural context as well as to stay out of inconsistency and UI exceeding.

Exclusive Management

Your project is well managed by our quality control mechanism and your exclusive project manager. No more worries about the messy details, nor the annoying back and forth arrangement, we ensure your game is delivered on schedule to your target market, with the added benefits of cultural sensitivity and flawless representation of key game expressions and ideas.

Cost Effective

By understanding your need and expectation, we customize the plan to your project with our standard service process, which will lead to significant reduction in effort and time spent. By analyzing and arranging your file with technical system, human errors and cost reduce, thereby increasing the quality of the product.

Data Secrecy

Your privacy is important to us. We use technological and organisational security features to secure any product data.

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